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Evergreen Metals And Castings

Established in the year 2015 “ Evergreen Metal & Castings” firm Led by Mr. Bhasskar Kesavan and his team, we rank among the leading suppliers of high quality industrial raw material. Since our inception, we are engaged in supplying wide variety of Ferro Alloys, Metal and Other Products :- Ferro Silicon , Silicon Metal, Low Carbon Ferro Chrome, High Carbon Ferro Chrome, High Caron Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silicon Zirconium, Ferro Silicon Calcium, Ferro Niobium, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Titanium, Manganese Metal , Nickel , Tin & Zinc. Iron and Scrap :- Pig Iron, LMS & HMS For the industrials production and Major end consumers throughout india.

Quality Consciousness: The success of “ Evergreen Metal & Castings” based on quality services and goodwill garnered over the years. Our products are sourced from verified manufacturers of global repute and we ensure that they are quality materials. We constantly work for Innovation as well as expansion into new markets and also continuously focus our activities on the needs of our customers and suppliers. We have emerged as one of the foremost suppliers of wide range of ferrous metal products. The categories of our product range encompass base Metal and Alloys.

Features: Corrosion resistance to Oxidation and increase in strength. Pertaining to the quality and characteristics of these products, these are widely required in diverse industries and sectors for varied applications. Some of the industries and sector we cater to are steel industry and foundry.

Evergreen Metals And Castings Products

Evergreen Metals Ltd. will continue to play a leading role in the economic well being of India, providing momentum, direction and support wherever the need arises, throwing up employment opportunities and providing a spurt in the industrial and economic growth of the entire nation.

Creating Value For Our Customers

We perform a straightforward economic role. We identify and act on imbalances between supply and demand. We achieve that by moving physical commodities from places where they are plentiful to where they are required.

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